Just because we look, doesn’t mean we see. Right?

As I was going through some pictures, I ran across this one and chose it for today, not because it is striking in any way, but because in looking at it, I saw something. I have to admit that when I took the photo I probably didn’t sDSCF2088.JPGee what I see now.

First, I’m one of those people who loves cruise ships. And I’ve taken variations of this picture many times during many walks on many ships. Some of the images are far more “artistic” than this. But here’s what I like in this one.

Look at the sea and the horizon. Shades of gray. Not conducive to travel brochure sales pitches. The sea is not smooth, but not particularly choppy either. And the sky? The sea takes its color from the overcast sky. Misty. Cloudy. These are not the best days on board, especially if the winds are cold and persistent.

Yet, looking now, I see the promise of a better day tomorrow. See that sunlight cast on the deck? Quite a contrast with the gray seas and sky. The digital imprint on the image tells me that this was late afternoon, the day heading toward its end. And with the sun breaking through, the hope was that the evening’s cruise would be smooth and the next day’s port would be sunny.

I know. Weather can change. Hopes can be dashed, and promises broken. But that image doesn’t tell us any more than this: it was gray, but now the sun has broken through. Look. Can you see it?

Celebrate the moment, and let’s not be anxious about tomorrow. Right now, that hint of sun is enough.